Parish Financial Report


We appreciate your generosity. Your donations provide essential funding for parish operations and maintenance, clergy, staff, and ministries.

Current Reports from the Finance Council

We continue to make great strides as we move forward with our plans and vision to focus our attention and efforts on building God’s house and His people here on earth. These goals and intentions can never be realized without the unconditional and generous support of our people. Each one of you plays a significant role in the success of our mission. The unification and beautification of our entire campus is materializing before our eyes. It is visible and tangible.
During 2022, we accomplished the following:
  • Extensive landscape cleanup and clearing of debris.
  • A new playground and equipment on our school grounds.
  • Repainting of the school’s outdoor hallway.
  • Beautification of Saint Joseph Terrace.
  • Continued construction of Saint Joseph Dream Garden.
  • Additional enhancements and expansion to our Holy Family Picnic Area.

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