The Witness Project

Real people. Real experiences.

The Witness Project is our sharing of personal stories in witness to God in our lives as presented in short videos.  Real people, telling real experiences. To view videos from the Witness Project click here

How did we become disciples?
What’s our story?
What’s your story?

We would love to hear your story of witnessing on how God has called you in your life.  Are you interested in sharing on film?  When you sign-up for videotaping, someone from our Witness Project Team will contact you to make an appointment for the filming of your witness story.  You should prepare your story ahead of time and practice telling it.  Please keep your story to 3 minutes.  The team will film you here on the St. Joseph campus.  You may be filmed for longer than 3 minutes, but the team will edit where appropriate. We invite you to sign-up to give your witness