Funerals recognize and celebrate the end of earthly life. Funerals frequently occur within the context of a special Mass, but may also be held in church or a funeral home without the celebration of Mass.

The bereaved family’s first point of contact in arranging a funeral Mass is the parish priest (generally through the chosen funeral home or mortuary). The schedules of both the celebrant and the parish facilities must be considered when choosing the date, time and venue for a funeral celebration. No decision involving them can be made without confirmation by the Parish Office.

Although funerals are not considered a sacrament, we have grouped it with the sacraments on this web site as part of the sacramental preparation process.


We are pleased to announce the opening of our new cremation section in the historic San Jose Mission Cemetery. For more information on this unique opportunity as well as how the proceeds will support Saint Joseph Parish please contact Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services (CFCS) by contacting 800-498-4989 or go to .