Pastoral Leadership Team


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Through prayer and leadership, the Pastoral Leadership Team strives to guide and unify the parish as one Body of Christ through worship, celebration, events and ministry.

Involvement: The Pastoral Leadership Team is comprised of representatives from the St. Joseph community along with Father Anthony, our Pastor.

Pastoral CounselMembers from our community:

  • Mike Gaffey
  • Denise Lai
  • Lisa Dang
  • Bill Utic

  The vision we share in our parish family.

DMI Survey results for OUR Parish

The Disciple Maker Index (DMI) survey is part of Diocese of Oakland’s Mission Alignment Process (MAP).  The survey was conducted from October 14th to November 18th, 2021.  The purpose of this survey is to gain an understanding of individual spiritual growth and engagement with our parish.  We had a very good response rate to the survey.  Although individual survey responses were confidential, we received a summary of the responses for our parish together with some Diocesan and national statistics for comparison.  Click here for our parish results.