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Encountering CHRIST as A Family

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Encountering CHRIST as A Family

WELCOME to St. Joseph Family of Faith Ministry.

Families are the central focus of the St. Joseph Family of Faith Ministry (FFM). FFM is an effective family-based program that provides catechists, parents, and children with resources and guidance in catechesis for the whole family.  This is a 4-year series that follows the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Once a family has gone through all four years, the cycle simply begins again when the children are four years older. We believe faith begins in the home and parents are the primary educators and role models of the faith for their children. Their role in the formation of Christian values in their children is irreplaceable. Parents become more confident in sharing their faith with their children, encourage their children’s emerging faith, and nourish a life of faith. We believe that the stronger the parent/child engagement is in the Faith, the more effectively children will mature into authentic and life-long disciples of Jesus Christ. Families are engaged, come together, and grow in relationship with one another.

ADAPTIVE FAITH: Recognizing the beauty and presence of God in each person, our Family of Faith Ministry program welcomes children of all abilities.  We are blessed to have dedicated Catechists with Special Education and inclusion experience.  We work together and recognize each child’s unique talents, abilities, and special needs. 

EXPECTATIONS: We are here to partner with and support parents in their role. The success of the program relies on this partnership and a commitment to the following:

  1. GATHERING AS ONE: Weekly, family attendance at the 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm Family of Faith Mass. Families have an opportunity and are encouraged to serve during the Mass as greeters, choir members, ushers, lectors, altar servers, and bringing the offertory gifts to the altar. 
  2. MISSION PASSPORT: Each child will be given a Mission Passport and every Sunday when they attend the Mass, the passport will be stamped with a picture of a Saint.
  3. PARTICIPATE AND TEACH: Monthly attendance of the parent and children’s sessions with Father Anthony and FFM catechists. These once-a-month sessions fall on the 1st Sunday of every month, 1:15 pm-2:15pm. Parents teach, share, and work with their children at home using what they have learned from the sessions, the Family of Faith books & weekly pacing guide, and other materials provided by the children’s catechists.
  4. LIVING OUT OUR MISSION AND SERVING OTHERS: Participate in St. Joseph’s FFM Family Bonding Sundays, Community Outreach, and Activities.
  5. Practice daily family prayer at home such as grace before meals, reading and praying scripture, and learning about the lives of the saints.
  6. For new families to FFM, please submit a copy of your child(ren)’s Baptismal certificate.

FAMILY OF FAITH- CHINESE COMMUNITY:  This program is available, as a supplement, for families whose primary language is Chinese. Children sessions are conducted in both Mandarin and English and parent sessions are conducted in Mandarin.

EXPECTATIONS: In addition to the Family of Faith expectations, described above, the FFM Chinese Community program requires the following commitment:

Monthly attendance of the parent and children’s sessions with FFM Chinese Community catechists. These once-a-month sessions fall on the second Sunday of every month, 3:30 pm-4:30 pm. Parents teach, share, and work with their children at home using what they have learned from the sessions, the Family of Faith books & weekly pacing guide, and other materials provided by the children’s catechists.

Click here for the 2023-2024 program offerings.

The 2023-2024 FFM calendar can be accessed here: Family of Faith 2023-2024 Calendar

FFM Parent Orientation Meeting Slides  has the slides from the Parent Orientation Meeting that was held on August 27, 2023.

St. Joseph Family of Faith Ministry Participation

Our New Method: Family Catechesis

Grades K-8 and Adaptive Faith

We’re getting ready for an exciting year for families to learn about our Catholic faith.  Our primary resource is the ground-breaking Family of Faith program from Sophia Institute Press. As this is our third year using the program, we are continuing with the “Family of Faith Volume III: Life in Christ“.


  • Background essays covering each month’s content
  • Notes for conveying this content to children in age-appropriate ways
  • Instructions for activities and craft projects
  • Stories of the saints and other notable Catholics

Suggestions for living the faith at home, such as…

  • Guidance for creating and decorating a prayer space
  • Prayers for special occasions
  • Tips for talking about tough subjects


The Children’s Activity Book is designed to help children come to know the Catholic Faith through fun games and activities. The Parent’s Guide offers talking points for how to use each activity in the children’s book as a teachable moment, leading the child to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Activities in the Children’s Activity Book include…

  • Age-appropriate readings and activities
  • Scripture memorization and copy work
  • Prayer memorization
  • Saints biographies
  • Games and crafts
  • Drawings and coloring pages
  • Journal pages
  • Prompts for original prayers and reflections
  • Student Family of Faith materials

Click here to watch this short video which describes this simple new program:

Click here to view Family of Faith Year 3- Life in Christ.