Getting Married at St. Joseph

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

St. Joseph Parish / Old Mission San Jose in Fremont would like to offer you the best we can, especially some “quality time” in preparation for the step you are about to take with one another and with the Lord. Please see a summary of our new marriage preparation program “Witness to Love” below.

If you would like to arrange to speak with a priest about entering into the sacrament of Matrimony, please contact the Parish Office at (510) 656-2364. You must call at least six months before the date of your marriage. We will not accept calls that come in for a date earlier than the six month period.

In addition, we only have Wedding dates available on Saturdays at either 11:00 AM or 2:00 PM in Old Mission San Jose or 11:00 AM or 2:00 PM in St. Joseph Church (subject to availability). We unfortunately cannot have Weddings on any other dates or times.

Congratulations again and we look forward to discussing your special day with you.

Rowena Radich, Director of Evangelization & Family of Faith/ Marriage Ministry

Saint Joseph Parish is excited to launch a new marriage prep program for our parishioners, called Witness to Love. This program is offered to all engaged couples, as well as civilly married couples, seeking marriage in our Church parish. Witness to Love is a Parish Marriage Prep Renewal Movement that gives parishes and mentor couples the tools they need to prepare engaged couples for a marriage that will last by building a support system for them, as a part of their marriage prep. Witness to Love offers engaged couples a way to witness healthy, marital family love and family life from a mentor couple, while integrating them into our parish through a formation plan. Please keep our parish community, engaged couples, mentor couples, and clergy in prayer as we seek to renew and support marriages! For more information, please contact the Parish Office at (510) 656-2364.


Augustine & Jessica
Mentor Couple
Irwan & Ratna
Mentor Couple
John & Melissa
Mentor Couple
Lucio & Kelly
Mentor Couple
Roberto & Jocelyn
Mentor Couple
Robert & Eliza
Mentor Couple

Witness to Love

Witness to Love is a new marriage prep program approved by the Vatican and is being implemented by the Oakland Diocese.  It is a mentoring model that combines mentor couples from the parish and priests, with young couples to guide them through their Catholic Faith in the context of their marriage. This program has proven effective, it helps to increase the percentage of couples who return to the Church after marriage and at the same time reduce the rate of divorce.