Carriage House Renovation



The Carriage House is the current location of the parish office.  The second floor and most of the ground floor is unsuitable for occupancy.  The building was constructed in 1882 as the garage for the Gallegos family whose house and outbuildings occupied land along Mission Creek.  The Carriage House is the last building remaining on site from the original Gallegos Estate.  Because the Carriage House is one of the few remaining examples of 19th century board and batten siding remaining in the Mission San Jose Historic District, the city has designated it as a primary historic resource. 

The building will be difficult to demolish because of its city status.  However, because the building interior has been extensively altered over the years, the Parish Facilities Team believes it will be possible to obtain city approval to change the building interior while preserving the building’s external appearance.

Turning an Eyesore into an Asset

The Carriage House is in terrible shape and needs immediate repairs.  Our parish community needs more meeting and gathering space.  A renovated Carriage House can help us meet these needs by improving an existing parish building.

Renovating the Carriage House will create a modern and welcoming parish office on the second floor, fully accessible by all parishioners and visitors by a new elevator, with meeting rooms on the ground floor for use by ministries and parishioners.

The new second floor offices will provide space for more staff members.  This will allow us to convert Ministry House 1 (and possibly Ministry House 2) for use by the school to expand its pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten enrollments.

The ground floor will provide space for gatherings of 100-150, including space for activities that won’t disturb worship in the church, and a home for our Sunday Family of Faith Ministry.  Our school students and parents can also use it for meetings and retreats.

Next Steps

The Parish Facilities team has gathered a group of parishioners who are building contractors and electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers to work with the architectural firm that has designed our new church.  All, including our architect, are donating their time and talent to complete the preliminary conceptual design.

Once the conceptual design is complete, we will create an initial cost estimate to determine the feasibility of moving forward. 

This project is part of the updated Parish Master Plan.  Renovation of St. Joseph Church will be completed before we consider moving forward with the Carriage House.

Updates will be provided here as we learn more.