Carriage House Renovation


The Carriage House is the former location of the parish office.  The second floor is vacant and most of the ground floor is used for storage.  The building was constructed around 1882 for the Gallegos family, whose house and outbuildings occupied land along Mission Creek. The Carriage House is the last building remaining on site from the original Gallegos Estate.  As one of the few remaining examples of 19th century board and batten exterior siding remaining in the Mission San Jose Historic District, the city designated the Carriage House as a primary historic resource despite the interior having been extensively altered over the years.  Because of the city designation the Parish Facilities Team believes it would be difficult to obtain permission to demolish the building.

The Carriage House exterior is in terrible shape and needs extensive repair and maintenance.  In June 2024 the Parish received permission from the Diocese to repair the roof and exterior siding, replace the leaky windows and damaged exterior doors, and rebuild the exterior stairs along St. Joseph Terrace. These repairs will make the building watertight and prevent damage to the building interior, while preserving the building’s exterior appearance.  Repairs will begin in August 2024 and should be completed in 3-4 months.  This maintenance project will be funded as part of the Parish Master Plan using available repurposed dollars from the closed capital campaign for the former new church project.