Indian Community of St Joseph Catholic Church


INDIAN COMMUNITY Saint Joseph Mission San Jose

A land that’s the birthplace of many religions, as well as that embraced many religions, is India! The Apostle Thomas traveled to the land of India to spread the good news of Lord Jesus and spread across the land, especially in the peninsula along the side of other religions. Mark Twain’s quote ‘A country of 100 Nations is India’ is a manifestation of the diversity of India. Christians from various Indian states including Christians descended from families that trace their Christianity to Apostle Thomas are part of Saint Joseph Mission San Jose Parish. We cherish the International diversity that makes up our parish and love being an integral part of the community both spiritual and social.

Our-Lady-of-Good-HealthOur mission is to be an integral part of this historic, culturally rich, and diverse St. Joseph Mission San Jose Parish, Fremont, Ca. We accomplish our mission through several different ways. The primary one being the ‘Indian Community Mass’ where the Indian Community comes together with the rest of the St. Joseph Community to celebrate a Sunday Mass. We celebrated the First Indian Community Mass in February of 2019 and a second mass on the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of Good Health in September of the same year. Both masses were followed by refreshments in the Church Hall for everyone to interact and know each other.

Indian Community members are active in many church ministries: Lector, Usher, Choir, Altar Serving, Faith Formation, Vincent De Paul Society. In addition, our members contribute and volunteer at the following as well:
  • Stan’s Homelessness Outreach (a weekly activity)
  • Cooking and serving for homeless at Adobe
  • Planting trees at Holy Sisters Property
  • International Food Festival
  • Taste of Asia
  • Soup and Bread during Lenten Season
  • St. Joseph Table
  • St. Joseph Men’s Club