Employment Assistance Ministry

Job Opportunity Information Network (JOIN)

In a recent month, 37 of our members landed jobs. While the specific way people get jobs vary, the help you provide in submitting job leads, making introductions and connecting them to hiring managers, is crucial. Thank you for your good work in connecting our job seekers to employment opportunities.

Help parish members find a job

The best way you can help is to join our Parish’s Job Opportunity Information Network (JOIN). You will receive an email every two weeks with links to the resumes of our job seekers. Then, when you hear of a job opening at your company or at a friend’s company, merely forward the email. If you don’t hear of anything, just delete the email and wait for the next update. Note: your identity will not be revealed to the job seekers and you can opt-out at any time.
Start by clicking: Employed Company Insider

Looking for a Job?

Post your profile and resume so members of the Parish can forward your information to the hiring managers in their companies and also to their friends who may be hiring.
Start by clicking: Job Seeker


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  • The best job leads come from you, not ones that have been posted already on KITList, Craigslist, Monster or Career Builder. This allows our job seekers a greater chance of success. Great job leads are also when we can deliver the job seeker’s resume directly into the hands of the hiring authority or the recruiter. This results in a better likelihood the resume with get reviewed and considered.
  • When thinking about job leads, please remember 70% of our job seekers are non-technical.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact George Hernandez, georgecpa@gmail.com.