Career Actions Network


What do People think about the Career Actions Network?

First, let me thank you for your interest in trying to connect our job seekers to opportunities. You are making a difference in the lives of many families caught in the economic downturn.

Recently we surveyed some members to get their impressions of the Career Actions Network. Following is a representative sample of comments.

Career Actions Team


    • This email arrived JUST IN TIME! I am just this very second beginning to search for some marketing help. I will search out the list of resumes that you have – Jack
    • I’ve just been keeping a casual eye on the list of resumes, and submitting them for open positions at my company where there may be a match. I’ve submitted perhaps 5-8 resumes and met a couple coming in for interviews – Dan
    • I am pleased to have a place to send the job leads I receive in many email blasts at work – Kathy
    • I have been impressed of the volume of job postings. I always send them out to my networking groups – Jessica
    • What I’m finding is that I’m getting lots of emails with job opportunities although they don’t match with what I put on my resume – Mary
    • As far as the impact of Career Actions, the emails that come during the week are very good in help motivate folks for work. I usually forward them to individuals who fit the job descriptions & are looking for employment – Alecester
    • I can truly say this service is a blessing for me and a lot of others. I have applied for several jobs from the job alerts you send out. I forward all of your job leads to a distribution list of friends and family, who in turn share them with others who are job searching. Praise God that several people who received them, from people I share them with have secured interviews and a few have actually been hired. By providing a service that is motivating and uplifting for those who take advantage of what you send out, lives are being changed and spirits lifted – Sundra
    • I have noticed how we are all eagerly helping each other in our job search – Becky