Facility Updates


September 19, 2021

Goodbye termites!  The parish church and mission museum building were tented and fumigated for termites Monday through Wednesday of this past week after termites were discovered in both buildings.  The cost is $25,000 and will be paid from the parish maintenance budget, which is supported by the weekly offertory.   The next step will be detailed building inspections to identify any wood damage needing repair.

AUGUST 29, 2021

New retaining wallNew retaining wall outside sacristy completed – Volunteers Ruben Martinez and Ramiro Trujillo have completed a beautiful retaining wall around the Birds of Paradise and olive tree outside the choir room/sacristy door on the St Joseph Terrace side of the church. Thank you Ruben and Ramiro!

August 15, 2021

New school playground renderingNew School Playground Coming Soon! – Work began this week on the new playground for our school.  The current play area is too costly to maintain and no longer safe for our children to use.  Our contractor has fenced off the work area and begun demolition of the old playground.  The area will be re-graded, and a new retaining wall constructed prior to installation of new playground equipment later this year.  For your safety, please watch for construction vehicles, follow all posted safety notices, and avoid the contractor’s work areas.  This project is being funded by generous contributions from school families, a foundation grant, and school savings.  Our special thanks to Kelly Mendoza, our former (now retired) school principal, for leading this project for our school.

August 8, 2021

New Sacristy Floor and LightingNew flooring and lighting – The church sacristy has new flooring and lighting thanks to the generous contribution of six parishioners who provided the materials and donated their time and skilled labor to install them.  They’ve asked to remain anonymous, but their love of God and our church speaks loudly!  The linoleum that ran the length of the sacristy has been replaced with Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT).  The “sea salt hickory” LVT looks like planks of wood and is tougher than the old linoleum.  The old light fixtures have been replaced with new, energy-efficient LED lighting.  Our parishioners’ work brightens the room and updates the sacristy. 

August 1, 2021

ReubenRamiroBeautification Continues – Meet Ruben Martinez who maintains our parish grounds and Ramiro Trujillo. They pulled out all those old junipers along the church building, installed a water system and planted the roses. Currently they are building a beautiful retaining wall around the Birds of Paradise and olive tree outside the choir room/sacristy door. Thank you Ruben and Ramiro!

July 18, 2021

Kneelers at the MissionKneelers at the MissionNotice Anything New In These Pictures? – New kneelers have been added for the comfort of those attending mass in our Mission church! Many thanks to the generous donor who also thoughtfully included repairing the kneelers that need attention in our main church. We are blessed to have so many benefactors at St. Joseph / Mission San Jose.

July 11, 2021

Mission wall in disrepairMission Wall Repair – Time has taken its toll on our Old Mission Museum. Dating back to 1809, much of the building has been repaired, repainted, and seismically retrofitted. However, some of the walls of original adobe construction need repair. Proposals from general contractors have been solicited to investigate and recommend a repair solution for the stone and dirt-filled foundation at the southwest end of the Mission Museum building.

June 27, 2021

Lights outside churchLet There Be Light Outside! – The old lights outside of the kitchen and St. Vincent de Paul were ancient, dirty and brown giving off not enough yellow light to work with when events were held at night. Now, thanks to our benevolent electrical donor, the lighting is a clean, bright white light that will add to the safety for all who park there.

June 20, 2021

New Lights inside churchLet There Be Light! – Have you noticed how much better you can see the celebrant and servers on the altar? And if you sit in the alcove on the left side of the church, you can read the worship aide easier now too. All that light is thanks to a most generous electrician who has donated his time to purchase and install LED lighting. We now have energy efficient and cost effective lighting in the sanctuary as well as all the recessed lights in the side alcoves where the choir sings.

June 13, 2021

Broken Kneelers in churchCracked Kneelers in churchKneelers To Be Repaired – Our church was built in 1965—the kneelers are 56 years old. They have served us well over the years. But they are coming apart (1), corners are gone and there is cracking along the edges (2). Maybe you have noticed that the padding is hardening beneath our knees. Repairs and maintenance on the hardware will be made in the near future for our comfort and safety while praying.

June 6, 2021

Guardian Angel statueGuardian Angel: Pray for Us – A guardian angel is assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group. Pope Francis noted that oftentimes, we have the feeling that “I should do this, this is not right, be careful.” This is the voice of our guardian angel. God said: ‘I send an angel before you, to guard you, to accompany you on the way, so you will not make a mistake’.

May 30, 2021

St Francis StatueSaint Francis of Assisi – Recently a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi was installed at the driveway entrance welcoming everyone to our parish community. Saint Francis abandoned a life of luxury after hearing God call him to rebuild the Christian church and live in poverty. The statue of Francis is a reminder to us of a man who devoted his life to our Lord through solitude, prayer, helping the poor and taking care of all of God’s creation. He is the patron saint of animals and the environment and a model to those who honor God first, serve the poor and care for all creation.

May 23, 2021

New Roses at churchRoses for Mary – Why are there roses in place of the ancient junipers? On Mother’s Day, Fr. Anthony introduced the new roses and why the colors were chosen in relation to Jesus’s mother, Mary. Purple tells of Mary’s anticipation of conceiving the blessed child; white is for Mary’s purity; pink stands for her joy; red is for her sorrow and the intense love she has for us; and gold represents her crown in heaven.

May 16, 2021

Trimming olive trees at MissionMission Patio Garden Olive Tree Work – The historic Mission Patio Garden olive trees were trimmed back in collaboration with the Dominican Sisters’ campus-wide olive tree-trimming project. Many of these trees date back to the 19th Century, and the oil from their fruit was a source of chrism used for the Sacraments. More recently, the Sisters harvest the olives each fall to produce Mission San Jose olive oil for sale at their Christmas Boutique each year.

April 25, 2021

Divine Mercy paintingOur Lady of Guadalupe paintingStations and Holy Images – 

Saint paintings

Thank you to those who contributed for our new 14 Stations of the Cross, the Pictures of the life of St. Joseph and the Saints, and the images of the Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe with our new Votive Candles. Your offerings have helped us beautify our Parish and make our Catholic devotions ever more present to all who enter.

April 18, 2021

Stations of the Cross installationNew Stations of the Cross – We now have added new Stations of the Cross to St. Joseph Church. The previous stations we had were needing a definite upgrade and so now we have new Stations to help the devotional practices of many in our parish. Pictured to the left is Fr. Anthony and Ralph Martinez as they prepped, measured, and hung our Stations in their new placement on the walls of St. Joseph Church.

April 11, 2021

Bushes removed at churchBushes removed from Church Grounds – In our continuing effort to beautify our grounds, we have begun the process of removing the bushes from the school side of the church. This has the added benefit of being able to better see oncoming cars as we enter and exit the parking lot from St Joseph Terrace.

April 4, 2021

Oak trees at museumMission Oak Trees Pruned – Work to spruce up our Old Mission continues with the pruning of oak trees facing Mission Blvd. The long overdue ‘haircut’ provides more light and better visibility from the porch area.

March 28, 2021

Candle HoldersNew Candles and Holders – We now have new candles surrounding the Tabernacle and Ambo. These candles help bring more beauty and direct our attention to the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle and the Proclamation of the Word during Mass. Our thanks go to those who helped prepare and craft the candle holders. Your generous donations and help express the love we all have for Christ.

March 21, 2021

Old Mission Facilities Update – The Old Mission Gift Shop and Museum have been closed for a year. While sad for school kids and visitors, the closure has provided an opportunity to catch up on some needed restoration. Here is a list of some projects that have been completed or are in progress.

Mission garden wall before repairMission garden wallMission Patio Garden Wall Repair – Over the years, the plaster on the adobe wall suffered significant damage. Recently, with Committee for the Restoration of Mission San Jose funding, we were able to repair the wall to its original splendor.

Dead olive tree at MissionNew olive tree at MissionReplace Dead Olive Tree – Even the Old Mission’s historic olive trees don’t live forever. We recently replaced one of them with a beautiful new tree funded mainly through personal donations. The beautiful olive wood was sold to local woodcarvers to defray some of the cost.

Mission wall in disrepairRepair West Mission Museum Wall – Time has taken its toll on our Old Mission Museum. Dating back to 1809, much of the building has been repaired, repainted, and seismically retrofitted. However, some of the walls of the original adobe construction need repair. The project is being organized into small and manageable work packages for individual contractor proposals and funding.

March 14, 2021

CrucifixMoving the Crucifix – Our Church has already undergone multiple efforts to beautify and focus our worship. We began with the moving of the crucifix to above the tabernacle. Details on this are explained by Fr. Anthony on our website at this link.


ConfessionalConfessional Closets – We have also begun the process of bringing back our confessionals. Many ministries have assisted in cleaning up and clearing out the confessional “closets” and a few volunteers are in the process of bringing these confessionals back into full service.

Saint Joseph Shrine

St. Joseph Shrine Beautification Project – Our own Maintenance person, Ralph Martinez has begun the process of painting, cleaning, and adding lights to our St. Joseph Shrine, which will be rededicated to St. Joseph on March 19th.

Carriage House – We also have cleaned and organized the Carriage House garage and thank all of those who have helped.