Update on Ghana Sister Parish

Friends, we would like to share this update regarding our Ghana Sister Parish and their Computer Lab and Library.

In November 2023, Fr. George Asigre from our sister parish, St. Francis Xavier in Ghana, visited us. He shared one of his parish’s top priorities with us: a computer lab for the main school and a library for the 35 schools and 2,200 students in the parish. Generous St. Joseph members responded with over 3,500 used children’s books, 100 Bibles, and $12,000 to help make the project a reality! A special thanks to St. Joseph School and the Family of Faith Ministry for their help in the book collection.

The 41 boxes of books have now arrived at the port in Accra, Ghana after a long 10-week journey on a container ship from Oakland.. They will travel by truck to St. Francis Xavier parish, about 500 miles and a 15-hour drive north of Accra, the capital.

A local carpenter has completed building desks and seats for the computer lab.

Fr. George made a 2-minute video tour of the facility that is close to being completed. They will be installing air conditioning (it is routinely above 100 F there) and finishing security for the building.

So far, they have been able to purchase 15 computers and monitors for the computer lab.

They will next build some bookshelves for the main library and distribute boxes of books to the outstation churches and schools.

Thank you again to everyone who generously donated used books or funds to make this project a reality. Your help will change the lives of the children in the parish!

Update on Ghana Sister Parish