SVdP St. Joseph Fremont Conference


Who we are

The SVdP St. Joseph Fremont Conference was established on January 26, 1959 under the leadership of John Peacock. It is a grass-root level ministry that engages in the person-to-person service to the poor and less fortunate in its immediate neighborhood. Vincentian Spirituality acknowledges the dignity of each person whom we call our “friends.”

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. We service the less fortunate regardless of their age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and marital status.

What we do

With the grace of God and generous support from our parishioners we provide monthly assistance to more than 380 people in our parish and its immediate neighborhood. In a month we spend approximately $4000, dispense more than 1100 grocery items and distribute about $200 of bread/pastries. We provide help for clothing and driver license/ID fee. We occasionally help the homeless living in his/her car when they run out of gas and emergency hotel stays. About 98% of our parishioner’s donations go to the needy. The remainder covers our office supplies, bank expenses and phone bill. We realize that our help is only temporary but our hope is to help them buy time to stand on their own feet and change their life for the better.

Annually we have five major events:

  1. Easter: we provide children of the less fortune with Easter baskets.
  2. Bundle Weekend (July/August): we collect surplus and e-waste which help us provide free clothing and household items from our St. Vincent de Paul Stores.
  3. Walk for the Poor (October): our members walk to solicit donations.
  4. Thanksgiving: we provide gift cards to needy families to purchase their choice of meat for their meal plus groceries, and condiments.
  5. Christmas: we distribute new toys for children from birth to 12 yrs., and provide gift cards to teens from 13 through 17 yrs. plus anything else our parishioners donate. We also provide a gift card to purchase their choice of meat for their meal plus groceries and anything else our parishioners donate.

What we need

Your monetary and food donations especially peanut butter, tuna, chicken, sausage and rice enable us to help the needy. We would also appreciate your prayers for us as a group that we continue to be compassionate to those we serve.

We continually seek volunteers to join our challenging endeavor to help our diverse clients who speak various languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and even sign language. No experience needed. All are welcome.