Sister Parish Team


Sister Parish Team

Atbil Dominic

Represents the men of the parish. He is the chairman of the Sister Parish committee.

Queen Mother: Pauline Azenab

She represents all women of the Parish on our Sister Parish Committee.

Mary Magdalene Ayoma

Retired special needs teacher. She represents various societies in the parish.

Fr. George Asigre

Pastor. Diocesan Chaplain for Justice, Peace, and Good Governance. He has a Masters degree in Pastoral Theology and CPE from Johns Hopkins Academic Medicine (Baltimore, MD). He spent 18 months as Associate Pastor at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Severna Park, MD.

Thomas Awiapo

He requested our partnership with his parish. He has visited St. Joseph parish twice to speak about the Rice Bowl collection during Lent. Listen to Thomas’ inspiring story at