New Church Donors


More than 1,900 families and individuals participated in our first two capital campaigns for the new church. We are especially grateful to the following donors who have made gifts of $5,000 or more:

$200,000 to $250,000
Shirlee Murphy

$150,000 to $199,999
William Utic and Dianne Martin

$100,000 to $149,999
Stephen and Stephanie Lee
Joan and Diane Prewitt
Jack Filinick

$50,000 to $99,999
Marie Smith
Roswita Hutchinson
Hamlet Benitez and Cristi Pabuyan
Ford and Barbara Ellis
J. Richard and Sandhya Sekar
Eleanor Chesterman
Bea Taus
Leo and Marina Pereira
Bud Farrell
Michael and Lilly Lee
Maria Ellsberry
Jack and Lia McKenzie

$25,000 to $49,999
Kurt and Lena Zeiher
St. Joseph School
Lynn and Judy Anglin
Mark and Christina Chew
Scott and Margie Martin
Charles and Mary Hernandez
William and Lorelei O’Neill
Huy and Mai Trinh
Arnaldo and Carmen Agcaoili
Phillip Utic
Al and Joan Rendon
Jim and Sandy Denzel
Margaret Mosko
Tom and Lorraine Leen
Stanley and Jeanette Rebello
Matthew and Deborah Au
Charles and Patti Babiarz
Tom and Gilberte Duerig
Alan and Sonja Hyman
Tony and Jennifer Mirenda
David and Debbie Rossetto
The Filipino Community of Saint Joseph
James and Diana Skokan
Mark and Suzanne Burr
Tom and Karen Poos
James and Aida Nelson
John and Bernadine Dutra
Robert and Agnes Ballecer
Michael and Ann Schall
William and Hilda Norwalk
Jane Silva
Charles Wyngarden and Gayle Schaeffer

$20,000 to $24,999
Alberto Santa Ines
Alfredo and Norma Paragas
Thomas and Sandra Mazolewski
Mike and Pauline Gaffey
Dominican Kindergarten
Jeanne Dzubur
Johnny and Erica Gau
John and Maureen O’Neil
Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Poon
Bill and Jan Prevost
Maurice and Stephanie Wu
Miin and Ann Wu

$15,000 to $19,999
Georgia Leocadia
Chinese Community
William and Dorothy Morris
John and Robin Worthington
Victor and Eileen De Dios
Don and Laurie Kaefer
Hung Tran
Isabel Chiu
Richard and Julie McRae
Sophia Charles
Jerry Chu and Ivy Jui
Nuno and Victoria Rebelo
Robert and Elizabeth Hormel
Alan Boris
Janet Garin
Julianne Howe
Dawn Skala
David and Kathleen Readler
Mark and Karen Whitson
Robert and Dorothy Benya
Alicia Herrera
Ron and Michele Hartmangruber
Richard and Ruth Wenzel
Sharon Wilhelmi
Camille Gillis
William and Frances Hinsberg
Ted and Elma Macur
Terry and Karen McGregor
Patrick and Everilda Nolan
George and Dianna Trebaol
Bryan and Susan Wallace

$10,000 to $14,999
Norma Neto
Laura Wells
Anthony and Marilyn Juarez
George and Marjorie McCarthy
Harald and Jeneva Westendorf
Dorothy Ferreira
Chris and Therese Wooding
Women of St Joseph
Essen and Nancy Ching
Matt Whitfield
Matthew Ostrofsky
William and Margherita McIntosh
Laura Turula
Bui and Mindy Ngo
Michael and Jeanmarie Bernal
Benjamin and Liz Cervantes
Sam and Hilda Hariz
Dennis and Canice McLaughlin
Jack and Miriam Keller
Min-Ying and Wen-Lin Cheung
Cris and Evelyn Raimundo
Rodolfo and Florfina Rose
Tom and Lisa Laus
Helen Hall
Rosie Imhof
Leslie Trela
Patricia Shaw
Ming-Te Lin and Tzu-Hsin Chu
Edward Kurtz\
Bernard and Janice Thien
Mark and Tammy Christensen
Ellen Culver
Gary and Nancy Dorighi
Valeriano and Annette Alfaro
Diane Leys
James and Alicia Neiman
Robert and Angela Salter
Jojy and Shirley Michael
Ron and Ann Mickwee
Barbara Aylward
Robert and Anne Cracolice
Eric and Felicia Hassett
Richard and Deana Bayless
Kam and Kitty Wong
Ronald Machado
Rev. Msgr. Manuel Simas
Oliver and Cania Linn
Oscar and Maita Espinas
Dan and Elaine Grimmer
Thomas and Marilyn Maher
Peter and Theresia Oey
Danny and Shu-Ru Chen Hsia
Adolph Hengl
Kevin and Carol Quinn
Jianguo Yao and Minxian Zhu
Bonifacio Martin
Richard and Pauline Charpentier
Mark and Michelle Schmitz
Gerhard and Lee Mueller
Toan and Thanh-Ha Bao
Rosalie Fitzpatrick
William Kasay
Isabel Kelly
Chien-Jeng Lee and Jane Shu
Carlos Marques
James Martin
Laird and Mary Diane Matthews
Minh (Ann) Nguyen
Robert and Maureen Oakley
Ronald and Claudette Surma

$7,500 to $9,999
Craig and Tammy Cameron
Madelyn Rudy
Richard and Colleen Perez
Eugene and Martina McCabe
Nancy Newman
Joanne Laus
Donald and Jean Bjork
Stan and Maria Tsai
William and Caroline McCormack
Michael and Patricia Sorgaard
Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose
William Maloney
Geraldine Fulks
Robert and Mary Eve
James Petersen
Jennifer Wong
Diana Goralczyk
Claire Mendonca
Christopher and Sharon Menicou
Ricardo and Alicia Padilla
William and Evelyn Pereira
Steven and Barbara Radigan
Chih-Ping Tang and Hui-Wan Hung
James and Sandy Wei
Michael and Kathleen Wiest
Jerome and Aimee Hubacek
Jeff and Martha Doar
Philip and Anna Teng
William and Maha El-Sayed Fisher
Matthew and Barbara Cheung
Jose and Regina Najarro
Mark and Sook Ardissono
Lanchen Ku
Joanne Kemp
Loren Gross
John and Mary Sullivan
Doris Chow
Cy and Donna Hotovec
John and Susan Barton
Bernard and Constance Hofmann
Goldie Bond
James Furnary
James and Jessy Machathil
John and Sandra Ganino
Hoa and Ursula Vu
Salvador and Trifania Flores
James and Rosemarie Holcombe

$5,000 to $7,499
Steve and Teresa Rogers
Italo and Sara Daza
Aaron and Maelene Wong
Lawrence Dass and Joy Chien
Mary Belknap
Marion Carey
Curtis and Helene Aspelund
Thomas and Karen Tobin
Manuel and Victoria Romero
Marceline Cruzen
Virginia Calderon
Mary Naseef
Irwan and Ratna Sie
Carol Derham
John Ha and Tamie Ngo
John and Sharon Martinez
Shan Varaitch
Vien Hoa and Theresa Dinh
George and Marilyn Perry
Marie Maguire
Myron and Monica Wong
Joseph and Grace Meng
Anthony and Angela Chung
Charisma Pangilinan
Fredisminda Desantos
Alan and Maureen Davie
Gerald and Judith Silva
T. Kurtz
Sally Crawford
Tetsuo and Nelia Ishisoko
Chung and Trang Vu
Robert and Mildred Galano
Jo Ann Miller
Teresa Russett
Ed and Elaine Soldani
Virginia Perkins
Chris and Mary Anne Salzmann
Warren and Geri Rogers
Lionel Goularte
Robert and Rose Marie Portillo
Roy and Elizabeth Stier
Steven and Monica Wang
R.C. and Beverly Witham
Mary Caslin
Manuel and Ligia Escoto
William and Rosa Hoback
Mary Matto
Bob and Eva-Marie Tisdale
Michaele Risolia
Daniel and Karen Nickell
Kirk and Nancy Schnoor
Jay and Toni Shellen
Meriam Dancel
Marylouise Bailey
Genaro and April Mempin
Ben and Salud Roldan
Larry and Linda Makaipo
Denise Gavello and Paul Nielsen
Agustin and Frankie Rodriguez
Reynaldo and Elisa Rara
Dennis and Patricia Schormann
Steven and Joyce Harris
Henry Rees
Edward Anthonysamy
Fernando and Mary Matos
Irene Andersen
Romeo and Yasma Simard
Reynaldo Canio
Albert and Dolores Kuwata
Eileen Colapietro
Edward Brandes
Richard and Patricia Lightholder
Elizabeth Sullinger
Arthur Sa
Mary Knoth
Hoon and Junghee Hur
Steve and Sally Cannon
Khiem and Hoang Tran
Nicholas and Mary Angela Turner
Michael and Deborah O’Meara
John and Laura Dauzat
Vincent Krejchi
Gerald and Lucille Pousho
Gregory and Adrienne Stephens
Harold Hill and Janet Giovannini-Hill
Hung Vu and Tammy Nguyen
Sophia Liu
Michael and Maridora Roy
Carol Weycker
Joyce Brown
Donald and Frances Akerland
Jee-In Mao amd Keng-Tai Ko
Ken and Carmen Peterson
Louis and Kathleen Rosenbaum
David and Paula Doherty
Teresa Wang
Rene and Grace Del Rosario
Roberto and Jocelyn Espejo
Syang-Ywe and Ching-Chih Jou
John and Anamaria Silva
Robert Halupka and Sylvia Rodriguez
Daniel and Maria Tiburcio
Dennis and Sheila James
Bryan and Emee Croy
Ta Hua and She Tye Chang
Edwin and Rowena Abreu
Ken and Cathy Bliss
Glenn and Shelley Bugler
Irene Chou
Jay Coleman
Larry and Ofelia Convento
Thomas and Lauren Deene
Judith Duffy and Don Van Patten
Jerome and Jane Glass
Jimmy and Kim Go
Steven and Marsha Gouig
Donald and Kathleen Hall
Jon and Angelina Heywood
Charles Holland
William and Joyce James
Jimmie and Sandra Johnson
Rino and Valerie Millares
Stephen Nagy
Chung and Thao Nguyen
Michael and Cynthia O’Leary
Agnes Rose
William and Janet Ross
John and Mabel Sagouspe
Katerina Shiffer
Mark Tarpinian