Saint Joseph Dream Garden


Rendering of dream garden and new landscaping at front of Church

Our new Saint Joseph Dream Garden will be a re-landscaped area between the church and Mission Blvd sidewalk.  Pavers installed to create a large gathering area for parishioners to enjoy under the trees before and after Mass.  New built-in benches for seating and planters will be added, and a low railing will enclose the area. (Click the photo at the left to enlarge the rendering)

We will call it the Saint Joseph Dream Garden because it will feature a large statue of our patron Saint Joseph at sleep.  There will also be statures of Jesus and Mary.  The statues and landscaping will be illuminated at night, and a new accessible walkway and ramp will be built to connect the church entrance and parking lot to the Dream Garden.

In 2015, during his trip to the Philippines, Pope Francis popularized the image of Saint Joseph, lying on his side, fast asleep.   “I like Saint Joseph very much.  He’s a strong man of silence.  On my desk, I have an image of Saint Joseph sleeping.  Even when he is asleep, he looks after the Church.  Yes!  We know that he can do that,” Pope Francis said in the Philippines on January 16, 2015.  “So when I have a problem, a difficulty, I write a little note, and I put it underneath Saint Joseph, so that he can dream about it!  In other words, I tell him: Pray for this problem!” he added.

In the Gospel of Matthew, God speaks to Saint Joseph in four dreams.  In the first dream, Joseph is told to continue with his plan to marry Saint Mary after he learns she has become pregnant with Jesus.  Putting his faith in God, Joseph took Mary as his wife.

After the birth of Jesus, in a second dream Joseph is warned to flee with his family to Egypt.  He took mother and baby on a perilous journey to an unknown country.  Anyone who has ever been forced to move to somewhere unknown understands something of the anxiety that Joseph must have felt.  But Joseph went because God had commanded him.

In a third dream, Joseph is told to return to Israel, and then in a fourth dream he is told to go to Galilee instead of Judea. 

Pope Francis has said that the way Saint Joseph responded to these dreams — by rising and doing as God had asked — shows that he was a man who was willing to do the will of God immediately: “Those precious moments of repose, of resting with the Lord in prayer, are moments we might wish to prolong. But like Saint Joseph, once we have heard God’s voice, we must rise from our slumber; we must get up and act.”

Our saint Joseph Dream Garden is being planned and funded by generous members of the parish.

A Prayer to Sleeping Saint Joseph

O Saint Joseph, you are a man greatly favored by the Most High.  The angel of the Lord appeared to you in dreams, while you slept, to warn you and guide you as you cared for the Holy Family.  You were both silent and strong, a loyal and courageous protector.

Dear Saint Joseph, as you rest in the Lord, confident of his absolute power and goodness, look upon me. Please take my need (mention your request) into your heart, dream of it, and present it to your Son.  Help me then, good Saint Joseph, to hear the voice of God, to arise, and act with love.  I praise and thank God with joy.  Saint Joseph, I love you.  Amen.