Holy Family Statue


The Heart of a Happy Family: Jesus at the Center – Our new, life-sized statue of the Holy Family was dedicated on May 1, 2024 in honor of St. Joseph the Worker and the Holy Family. The smaller statue of the Holy Family that temporarily occupied the stone pedestal outside the parking lot entrance to the church has returned to its original place in the Holy Family Picnic Area.

Cast in bronze and six feet tall, the statue beautifully captures the intimacy and happiness of the Holy Family.  Joseph is in his 30s, masculine, lean, and broad-shouldered with a carpenter’s strong hands. He is wearing his leather apron and tools. Mary is in her 20s, a beautiful, smiling young woman who holds hands with Joseph. Jesus is shown 7 or 8 years old and wraps his arms tightly around Joseph. They show us Jesus as the heart of their home and family relationship, and how we too can have peace and contentment in our families when we keep Jesus at the center of our relationships.

In the midst of life’s worries and challenges, our bronze statue of the Holy Family stands as a beacon of joy and happiness. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph all share a radiant smile, their faces aglow with love and contentment. Despite the weight of their responsibilities – Joseph’s work, Mary’s maternal cares, and Jesus’ mission to save the world – they choose to rejoice in each other’s company, united in their love for God. This beautiful statue, “The Heart of a Happy Family,” is a testament to the power of faith and family. Designed and created by our pastor Father Anthony Le and and sculptor Debra McLaughlin of InDweller Artistic of Ontario, Canada, it was made possible through the generosity of our parishioners. It serves as a reminder that our happiness and eternal life depend on having Jesus at the heart of all things.

In his remarks at the statue’s May 1, 2024 dedication, Father Le said “As we gaze upon this lovely statue, we are invited to come to church with our worries and joys, knowing we are welcomed by the Holy Family of God. Let us celebrate the Lord of heaven and earth, and find peace in the knowledge that Jesus is at the center of our lives, binding us together in love and happiness. May this beautiful work of art inspire us to prioritize our relationships, our faith, and our joy, and may we always remember that Jesus is the heart of a happy family.”