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Through prayer and service, the St. Joseph family will strive to bring the community together to love, heal, and support one another as the people we are called to be in Christ.

This week's liturgy

The last

Our Gospel this week raises the question of who is first and who is last in the kingdom of heaven. (Mt 20:1-16a)
In the parable, the laborers who worked the longest grumble about the amount of wages others are receiving. However Jesus reminds us, simply being called to the privilege of sharing in Jesus' work is its own recompense. Like the good samaritan, the kingdom of heaven is revealed by those who choose this work. Do we choose it?




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In Prayer

The Witness Project

The Witness Project is our sharing of personal stories in witness to God in our lives as presented in short videos.  Real people, telling real experiences.
How did we become disciples? 
What’s our story? 
What’s your story?


The latest news

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Upcoming events

Church icon On September 25th, 2023, St. Joseph School will be hosting our 28th Annual Golf Tournament and Gala at Ruby Hill. Over the years, this... Read more
Date icon  September 25, 2023

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Date icon  October 7, 2023

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Date icon  October 15, 2023

Church icon For Catholics, the Mass is probably the most familiar part of the Faith.  But sometimes, familiarity makes us take things for granted or... Read more
Date icon  October 15, 2023

In prayer

Pastoral Reflections

We have started a new section of this website dedicated to Reflections from the Staff at Saint Joseph Church.

Matthew 20:1-16a
This week, Nancy Flores reflects on how the Gospel and the Lord have become part of her life, and how He can be part of ours also. "I know in my heart I am a beloved child of God."

What we're up to

Mission Events

Please join us for events at the Mission or consider donating to help preserve our history.

Church icon Please stop by the Mission gift shop for special items for you and your loved ones. The gift shop is open Wednesday through Sunday at the... Read more

Church icon Our original 1809 adobe Convento, the former Padre’s living quarters, is the oldest standing building in Alameda county. And its... Read more

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