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Weekly Homilies in English and Chinese

Following is the Chinese translation on the selected sermons of 10:00 AM English Mass of St. Joseph parish – Old Mission San Jose church in Fremont, CA.

For the English speaking viewers, please click at the link to view the original live stream. The sermon usually starts around 22:00 minutes mark of the live stream – All recorded Mass videos

The Chinese translation is based on the Closed Caption (CC) text that came with the live stream. Hopefully, it can be beneficial to the spiritual nourishment of the Chinese speaking parishioners. It is done to the best of our ability. Any organization or individual involved to the development, publication, circulating or forwarding this translation, are not liable to any damage caused by the material presented here
翻譯者:庸仁 – 歡迎傳閱轉發

2022 January sermons

DateTitleYouTube Link
20220101Happy new Year – Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother of God
天主之母節 – 新年快樂 – sermon 講道
YouTube link
20220102The Epiphany of the Lord 真理擁抱了信仰與科學 – sermon 講道YouTube link
20220109The 1st Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Baptism of the LordYouTube link
20220116The 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Mary, our mother can teach us kindness
瑪利亞,我們的母親,可以教導我們如何去關愛 sermon 講道
YouTube link
20220123The 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Word of God
聖言 – sermon 講道
YouTube link
20220130The 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Agape love
基督徒的愛 – sermon 講道
YouTube link

2022 Febuary sermons

DateTitleYouTube Link
20220206The 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Do not be afraid
不要害怕 sermon 講道
YouTube link
20220213The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – What exactly we trust in. Who do we trust in?
我們到底信什麼?又信誰?- sermon 講道
YouTube link
20220220The 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Love your enemies, is it worth it?
愛你的仇人,值得嗎?- sermon 講道
YouTube link

2022 March sermons

DateTitleYouTube Link
20220306The First Sunday of Lent sermon 講道YouTube link

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