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On March 19, 2022 our parish community participated in the Synod which was opened by the Holy Father Pope Francis on October 10, 2021. The Synod is a process rooted in the history of the Catholic Church and can be interpreted as “walking together” or as “the path along which the people of God walk together.” Our parishioners were given four questions to reflect and to discern upon where we are being led in the Church. They then gathered in groups to address and share their concerns, observations and experiences both new and old in the Church. The Synod results can be viewed on our parish website here:

QUESTION 1: What are some things you are facing in life right now that you hope the Church can accompany you in?

  1. Dealing with the elderly and aging – tending to the spiritual, social and physical needs of those transitioning to elder years.
  2. Support and/or counseling for marriage, family , youth and divorced.
  3. Youth and young adults – meeting their needs and their engagement in the faith community.

QUESTION 2: How do you see yourself sharing in the church work of being Christ’s life and love for the whole world?

  1. By learning about and sharing our gifts, talents and financial means in support of the Church outreach.
  2. By finding ways through prayer and study to live the Gospel call of service.
  3. By aiding and participating in age-related programs that serve both local and global needs.

QUESTION 3: What are the joys in carrying out journeying together? What helps or hinders us in this?

  1. By exploring ways to fully be conscious that because we are all pilgrims on this earth, we are connected to and are therefore responsible for each other (interculturality.)
  2. We need leadership to walk compassionately with those carrying heavy burdens and to discern issues of controversy in the Church and in society.
  3. Responding to the call of Pope Francis, we need to find a common ground for our Christian living, both personally and communally.

QUESTION 4: How and where is the Holy Spirit calling us to grow in Journeying with one another

  1. With Christ as the Center, we must learn how to evangelize and adapt to meet the needs of our multicultural community.
  2. To consider continuing the synodal process at the local level so that the voices of the people may be heard, ideas shared in order that all may recognize the Spirit’s presence among us.
  3. In order to recognize the Spirit’s calling, there is need for a discernment of the Spirit’s presence and a sharing of this grace in the parishioners’ lives and in the community

GENERAL COMMENTS: There is a need for the local church (and Diocese)

  • To be less rigid, more welcoming
  • To provide conferences/gatherings to help navigate the difficulties of the world
  • To be more inclusive
  • To meet people where they are; walk with them more personally
  • To provide more information about outreach programs that suits each age group