Patti Calton

ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL – Patti Calton, Principal

As of June 22, 2022, enrollment has declined a bit. Many families have decided to move out of the area and in some cases out of the state. The enrollment continues to be fluid throughout the summer months with prospective families touring and applying. Pre-entry assessments are done throughout the summer by the School Principal. As new families inquire, there is an emphasis for student readiness for the academic rigor as well as a connection to our faith and parish. 

The rate of increase in our tuition has to do with an increase in fixed cost (medical & insurance) as well as an increase in per student assessment by the Diocese of Oakland. This continues to be in the highest level of assessment (green) due to enrollment numbers. Also, the longevity of our faculty & staff increases per year adding more cost to the bottom line. Faculty and Staff are loyal and consistent.

We have an increase in Out of Parish families.  These families have reported that they are looking for a school with academic rigor, an emphasis on the social and emotional wellbeing of a student as well as providing a balanced approach between home and school. 

The school continues to look for ways to blend the school and church communities for a greater participation in the faith experience on Saturdays/Sundays. The school welcomes all ministries to make connections with our students during the school day as well as with our families during ongoing events and activities.

Happenings Celebrations around the school

* Long awaited playground is being installed – estimated time of completion: middle of August (hopefully in time for the kids return)

*Red hall has been repainted

*Plans are in motion for a successful Golf Tournament – Proceeds towards safety. risk assessment for the school including active shooter training (Patti is in conversation with 2 companies), light-up marquee for parish/school (Patti is in communication with the city) Church and school need to determine style and size ( must be 5 feet from the street),tiered seating behind Junior High

*Technology remains strong with a 1:1 student to device program

*Proud accomplishments of our graduates moving to a Catholic High School (many come back to serve the school with many events for service hours)

*Working towards filling staff given there is no movement with inquires

*Tours continue to be ongoing for the next school year: Full classes are TK, 1st, 4th

*Full Church, Mission & School Evacuation drill in November – more details to follow

School Families are actively engaged in many parish ministries. Spring assessment indicated the following participation highlights.

CYO is the most popular ministry engaging school, and non-parish families for Boys/Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Track and Field, and Cross Country.

  • Last school year during the pandemic, 194 total students participated with 28 actives in more than one sport!
  • 115 students from SJS, 146 student parishioners attending different schools, and 48 non parishioner students.
  • Total participation was down 88 students from the year prior (pre pandemic)
  • Grade 8 girls volleyball team won top league award this past year
  • 64 parents from the parish and school serve as active volunteers for the ministry as coaches, team parents, scorekeepers, and overall ministry leadership. And they could use more help!

~Altar Serving ministry has approximately 7 students from SJS making up about 1/3 of active participants.

~Choir and music ministries routinely have SJS students, parents and staff vocalists and musicians.

~Food Pantry is serviced by a monthly SJS food drive led by grade 6 as part of the school’s Mission Helper Program. Recently, we had 3 students this summer that help make 70 backpacks kits for SVDP families distributed on July 18. 

Families have asked for an accessible community and ministry calendar and opportunities to participate in the parish. More communications and outreach is sought by school families for the Family of Faith and Youth ministries like Altar Serving, and Confirmation programs.