Matthew 16:21-27

Gina Mehta

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus talks about his death in the hands of the elders and teachers of the law and his rising after three days. As the apostle’s heard this, Peter rebuked him and lost sight of the true meaning of Jesus’s ministry and discipleship.

Jesus then tells his apostles “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me”

As we reflect on the gospel, we can draw a parallel in Peter’s reaction upon hearing Jesus’s death with our own Christian life.

Just like Peter reprimanding Jesus on his impending suffering and death rather than accepting God’s will, we too are guilty of losing sight in our own spiritual life by centering ourselves with human needs and wants.

Our physical life is wrapped around the pursuit of comfort, wealth, pleasure and acceptance, distracting us from pursuing a long-lasting relationship with God through prayer, kindness, humility, taking ownership of our mistakes and doing something to correct it.

Taking up our cross is a call to do away with all that the body and mind seeks or desires and embrace the struggles and sufferings that accompany our daily life with Christ. We must be willing to give up our own will and desires to the will of God. Putting Jesus Christ in the center of our lives and avoiding self-indulgence is the path to becoming a disciple of Christ.

Matthew 16:21-27