Mark 1:1-8

I love how this Gospel starts, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ…”  Yes, this is the start of the good news of Jesus Christ.  Where were you when you first heard about Jesus?  Or, perhaps more appropriately, where were you when you realized – when you felt the impact in your heart, of what Christ has done and is doing for you?   Where were you the hour you first believed?  I love that moment.  That’s really good news.

According to Mark, the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ begins with a voice crying out to be ready, to prepare the way of the Lord.  John the Baptist is preparing the way for Jesus’ coming.  John’s invitation is not just for the faithful who went before us, it’s for us to repent as we prepare ourselves for the second coming of Christ.  Repent, turn back our gaze to the way of life in Christ.  A life of discipleship is calling.

Let’s prepare! 

As I reflect on how I can prepare, I turn my gaze to Jesus and think of the works of mercy.  My heart goes to those without the basic necessities of food and clothing.  As I ponder how I can help feed the poor and clothe the naked, I immediately think of the good works being done right here on our campus.  St. Vincent de Paul Society who provides food and serves over 650 people a month or our Sister John Marie’s Pantry who helps with rental assistance, utility bills and more.   I don’t have to go far to see how I can help by supporting the efforts of these ministries.

This Advent my resolve to prepare the way of the Lord includes a baptism of repentance by going to reconciliation and reaching out to our SVdP and SJMP ministries to see how I can help.  What’s your plan?

Mark 1:1-8