Pastoral Reflections by Staff of St Joseph

Matthew 5:1-12

Gospel Reflection by Sandra Hernandez

This week’s Gospel from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount begins with the Beatitudes. I have always found the Beatitudes comforting. Jesus is saying that the poor in spirit, those who mourn and the meek are blessed. Jesus is once again reminding us that the trials and tribulations that present themselves in our lives are temporary because in the next world we will receive God’s grace. This world we live in seems to reward arrogant, selfish aggressive people, but Jesus says it is the poor in spirit, those who mourn and the weak who are truly blessed. We are reminded to do what we know is right and then we will be satisfied. We are told that if we show mercy, mercy will be given to us. Jesus also says that the peacemakers are blessed. If we go into our daily life with patience and kindness and empathy to those we encounter in our lives, we are choosing to be peacemakers and to be called the children of God. Jesus is not saying that these are conditions for salvation, but rather He is stating that we have already been blessed. When we strive for wealth or materialistic things, those things do not bring us closer to Heaven because those things are only of value in this world. The Beatitudes give us an idea of what God values and by familiarizing ourselves with them we can strive to see if we can incorporate some of them into our daily lives. Hopefully we can find peace in the knowledge that God has blessed us and he is with us in our times of need.