Parish Website


How to make website changes

Welcome! We’re thrilled that you are able to help keep the parish website updated. More people visit and appreciate the website when it is up to date with the liturgical calendar and current events.

To make changes, you will need an account from the webmaster! Without that, you’re not going to get very far. It is also a good practice to have one person assigned within your ministry to make updates to the website. This avoids confusion and also helps keep the website more secure by having a single person responsible for password access.

Please only make changes to the ministry page(s) you are responsible for and not other pages. We’re using the honor system and appreciate your help with this. The webmaster will also be monitoring things to avoid accidental tampering and to keep things formatted consistently. If you see something on a different page that needs changes, just let the webmaster know.

If you have received a new username and password, the following videos may be helpful. They explain how to login and add things to the website for your ministry. If you already feel comfortable with a text editor, I think you’ll be fine making website changes as well. If you need additional help, please contact your webmaster Frank Canova (

Website Policies

  1. Webspace is only available to ministries and parishioners at St. Joseph Church to help keep our parish community informed. If you’re unsure if it’s okay to post something, please contact the webmaster with the information to be considered.
  2. If you are outside our parish and have information to add, please send it to a webmaster at or contact the parish office for consideration.
  3. We will not post advertisements or links to businesses on our website.