Finance Council


Our Mission:  To ensure the integrity of the parish’s financial records, and to enable the long term success of the parish and our ministries by effectively controlling expenses and growing our financial resources.

Finance Committee Report for 2021:

Committee Membership

  • Fr. Anthony Huong Le
  • Bill Eagan, member
  • Hung Tran, member
  • Debbie Rossetto, member

The Finance Committee meets 4 times a year in person, with other meetings or phone conferences taking place as necessary based on ongoing initiatives.

Online Gifts

Please click ONLINE GIVING to donate. All major credit cards as well as bank accounts are accepted.  We appreciate your generosity. Your donations go to help assist our Parish, parishioners, clergy and staff during these uncertain times and we thank you so much for your assistance. Please note, our previous Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program hosted by Vanco has transitioned to the more convenient OSV online giving platform. 

Match Your Donations

A question was asked whether companies can match financial donations. The short answer is, “Yes.” Although many corporations will not match contributions directly to the parish, some do. Most companies will match donations to St Joseph School. The parish can also benefit from donations to the Committee for the Restoration of the Mission San Jose (CRMSJ), which is a non-sectarian, non-profit corporation. Contributions to St Joseph School and CRMSJ help to fund needed improvements and operating expenses at the school, Mission church and mission museum. If your employer has a matching gifts program, please consider supporting St. Joseph parish with a gift to one of the following:

  • Committee for the Restoration of the Mission San Jose, Tax ID number 94-2341096
  • St Joseph School, Tax ID number 94-3145818
  • US Catholic Conference – St Joseph School, Tax ID number 94-1358335
  • St Joseph’s Church, Tax ID number 94-1358335.

This is a great opportunity to increase your financial support to our parish by leveraging your donations with matching corporate funds.

Stock or Security Gifts

Profiting from a good deed

With the stock market at record highs, please consider donating appreciated stocks or shares of mutual funds to St Joseph Parish. It is easy and tax efficient.

Donating publicly traded appreciated stocks or shares of mutual funds to St. Joseph Parish can avoid capital gains tax and provide a current year tax deduction if you itemize deductions on your tax return.

And for owners of traditional IRAs who are 70 ½ and older, any amount donated to St. Joseph Parish counts towards your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) without increasing your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)… f course, you should consult your tax advisor and IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions, for more information.

Donating appreciated stocks or shares of mutual funds to St. Joseph Parish is easy!

Use this link to access the Diocese Instructions:

Step 1 – Print and complete the diocese’s only Security Donation Form requesting your broker transfer a certain number of shares of a company or a mutual fund from your investment account to the Schwab brokerage account of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Oakland. Be sure to indicate your gift is for St. Joseph Parish – Fremont (the diocese has more than one St. Joseph Parish).

Step 2 – Submit the original of the completed Security Donation Form to your broker to authorize them to make the transfer and email a copy of the completed form to Mark Olson in the Diocesan Finance Department at and to Gina Mehta, St Joseph Business Manager, at

St Joseph Parish will send you a letter acknowledging your contribution. You should also keep a copy of your broker’s record of the value of the securities at the time of transfer which typically is the amount you can claim as a tax deduction. If you have any questions, contact Gina Mehta at or call (510) 656-2364.