Visiting Missionary Priest

Fr John Devadas Avula

This year’s visiting Missionary priest is Fr. John Devadas Avula.  He will be joining us on the weekend of July 27 & 28. Please welcome him. We look forward to his visit. Below is a message he would like to share.

Hello friends! My name is Fr. John Devadas Avula (Fr. John). I am a missionary priest from the Diocese of Kurnool in southern India. Today, I want to share with you the realities, situations and needs of the Catholic faithful in India.

The main challenges of our mission include giving free education to over three-thousand poor children, medical support of the less privileged, self empowerment of women, and evangelization. In India, Christianity is a minority and only 1% of the population is Catholic. We have over one-hundred priests and over three-hundred nuns (sisters) who serve the poor in our diocese. There also are many young men and women who are discerning their call to be future priests and nuns.

I welcome you to participate and learn about Catholicism in our part of the world. I hope you find it to be enlightening and inspiring. Thank you greatly for your attention and generosity.

Fr. John

Visiting Missionary Priest