Updated Covid-19 Mask Requirements

Effective June 3, 2022, Alameda County has issued a Health Order requiring the use of masks in all indoor public settings, including office workspaces. The mask mandate applies to all individuals regardless of vaccination status in Alameda County, only.


Per a request from the Diocese of Oakland, for the continued health of all parishioners please use a mask when inside the church. If you do not have one, our ushers can provide a disposable mask. Clear and visible signage will be posted at all entrances to the church.

Performers at indoor live events such as, religious choirs, may remove masks while actively performing or practicing, though such individuals should maximize physical distancing as much as practicable.

Participants in indoor religious gatherings may remove masks when necessary to participate in religious rituals.

Parish Office

Employees, volunteers, and visitors must wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. Masks may be removed when eating, drinking, or working alone in an office, but must be worn while in common areas.

We will have sign-in sheets so anyone experiencing Covid symptoms knows not to enter the office space. Clear and visible signage will be posted at all entrances to the office.

We will provide disposable masks, as needed, as well as cleaning and sanitizing to promote a safer environment for employees, volunteers, and visitors.


For the complete Health Order click here https://covid-19.acgov.org/covid19-assets/docs/hoo/22-02-face-coverings.pdf

If you have you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the parish office at 510-656-2364.

Updated Covid-19 Mask Requirements