This is sample content created with Elementor’s Text Editor widget. Please change it by clicking on this text, then updating it in the editor at the left. Even photos can be replaced by pressing the “Add media” button in the editor. Elementor has many other widgets, so there’s lots of flexibility for what appears here.

Important tips:

  • Click settings (gear icon in the lower left) and change the page name to something appropriate. This is what will show up in menus and breadcrumbs.
  • Don’t forget to Publish the page when done (lower left). If it’s not ready to be public, you can use the arrow beside ‘Publish’ to save it as a draft.

Optionally to adjust the photo in the banner, edit the “section” for the banner (6 dots just above the banner image), click “Style” at the left, then update the image from the media library.