Donations to Sister Parish Computer Lab

Help make the computer lab that Fr. George Asigre recently described to us a reality for the parish K – 8 grade school in Ghana. If you wish to contribute, you can donate online here.

Father George Asigre

Several St. Joseph parishioners visited St. Francis Xavier parish in May 2023. See this PDF for a photobook update on parish life and how past contributions from St. Joseph parish have helped them to finish additional school classrooms and add a ceiling and fans to the church. To learn more about the parish, click here.

The top priority of Fr. George and his Parish Council for 2024 is to establish a library and computer lab at Bishop Agyenta Academy, the main parish K – 8 school. Enrollment at the school is 200 students.

  • Currently, the children have no access to computers at home or at school.
  • The project will have 20 computers for use by the students and by parish adults when school is not in session.
  • The estimated cost is $15,000.
  • St. Joseph School and the Family of Faith Ministry are sponsoring a used book drive to provide books for the library for K – 8 grades. The children share school textbooks and have few, if any, books to read to improve their language skills outside of class. See this flyer for more information.

To donate to this computer lab and library project

  • Make a check payable to St. Joseph Parish with a note on the reference line “St. Francis Xavier computer lab” and put it in collection basket or mail to parish office.
  • Or donate online
Donations to Sister Parish Computer Lab