Bishop’s Appeal

Office of the Bishop

Thank you to the Parishioners of our Parish that have contributed to the Bishop’s Appeal so far. We are at 88.74 % of our overall goal of $72,000 with $63,895 of funds raised. Thank you again and if you have not already done so please consider supporting this worthwhile endeavor. 

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We have been involved for the past few months in this year’s Bishop’s Appeal occurring throughout the Diocese of Oakland. Our hope is that each family will be generous and make a gift from its substance and not merely one of convenience.

The Appeal is based on equal sacrifice, not equal giving. We cannot ask everyone to consider the same size gifts, but we ask that everyone let their gift reflect how generous God has been with His gifts. Can you consider a gift of $15, $20 or $30 each month for the rest of this year? That amount will equal a pledge of $150, $200 or $300. We know with your response, our St. Joseph Parish will have done our part as a parish family here in the Diocese of
Oakland and thank you.

Visit for more information or call the
Office for Mission Advancement at 510-267-8358

Bishop’s Appeal